Crack alters are created also in 'Mind Control' slaves 

I have since written an article on how crack alters are created in 'Mind Control' slaves.

click on the image to access the article.
'Fire on Babylon: Crack-alters are activated in un-ruley slaves'.

'Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and Reclaim your life'

Within this book I address Crack Alters, and will add to this page those aspects soon, until then by cicking on the image you can access a link to preview the book
Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life'

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Chinese herbs 
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan

These are the Chinese herbs I recommend for withdrawal from Crack/Cocaine or any drug. They are also very helpful for calming and aiding sleep in those under pschic/ELF attack.
Click on the image and it will link you to a web address to purchase them. I do not know the providers, I just randomly chose the link to start you off and the price seems reasonable.