In this section of the site I share my knowledge of 
My name is Louise Clarke I have 20 years experience of working with
Crack/Cocaine users and have published several
books,training and consultancy 
on how to work with and 
develope services for Crack/Cocaine users.

Some of which can be visited on line and are also provided here on this site or can be accessed via the links provided.

Books and Info

Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life

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The book is also available in kindle, Please click on button below to view.

Presenting 'stop using crack /cocaine and reclaim your life, short video

I fully outline the history of how services developed for Women in Britain on a facebook page

'Women and Crack: Responding to need'

'The Women and Crack: Responding to need' facebook page
can be viewed as a whole text, recalling the history in Britain of my development of services for Women users.
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Stop using heroin (without using drugs)
and reclaim your life


'Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life',
part 1 of the recovery process revised

Part 2
This video is explaining in simple terms
   the effects the drug has on the brain

Part 3
Here I explain the medical effects of using Crack/Cocaine


stop using Cocaine and reclaim your life

here I outline how to stop using in first stage of recovery

Stop Using Heroin
 (without using drugs) and reclaim your life

Fire on Babylon:
Crack Alters are activated in un-ruley MK Ultra Slaves

The 5 stages of recovery
from Cocaine and Crack addiction

This video is currently being given a age restriction by Youtube, which I disagree with but need to discuss with them to have them explain their reasoning.

The age restriction was removed after I wrote an appeal, 

Men and crack : Uncovered

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Men and Crack
Positive steps to help break cycles of addiction to Crack- Cocaine

Men and Crack: Uncovered,
(a book for service and treatment providers)

Women and Crack: responding to need

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Women and Crack : Responding to need: Positive steps to help break women's cycles of addiction to crack-cocaine

The 'Women and Crack: Responding to need'
can be viewed as a whole text, recalling the history in Britain of my development of services for Women users, since 1991

Women and Crack : Responding to need
       ( for service/treatment providers)

Information cards for Women users and partners of users

I ran a group of made up of Women (ex)users and partners
to provide information. It took 3 years to create a set of cards.

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    Sodexo's Bronzefield Prison.failings regarding Women Crack/Drug users/ My offer of solutions

Conference I have spoken at

'Women Violence and Substance Use'

'Women violence and substance use' conference held by DAWN.
Here i gave a speech on 'Women rock and violence'.
No transcripts are available but feedback on my presentation is provided.
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'Women and drugs'

I spoke at the first Women and drugs conference held in England in 1995,
addressing the absence of services provided for Crack cocaine users.
After this speech Prime Minister John Major provided £16 million to meet
their needs.
My speech went on to be published by SCODA ,,and was available until
recent times throughout the net in many languages but seems now to have
been removed.
Only one site seems to currently provide it.

Below is the link to that site.

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'Women Crack Users - A cathartic approach'


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rankings on articles on Crack/Cocaine

Published articles

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to view the same article 
published by SCODA


'Love on the Rocks'

Is an article published in 1994, by Women's Health magazine.
In this article I outline the relationship women have with
Crack/Cocaine, how the drug seduces them to become
emotionally and mentally dependant.

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          'Women and Crack: the untold story'.
          Published by the Black Drug Workers Forum
          In this article I address the media propaganda
          created to view Crack as a drug used by
          Black people and Women as unfit mothers
          and highly sexually.

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in THE User's Voice

'Putting women first on the agenda'

Scottish Advisory Committee on Drug Misuse

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Scottish Advisory Committee On Drug Misuse:
Psychostimulant Working Group Report

Case study of a service for women stimulant users

7.14 Louise Clarke of Higher Insight has worked with
women crack users in the East of London over the
past 10 years. In developing services for women she
argues that service providers must take into account
women's need for anonymity and confidentiality and
their need for childcare support, particularly when
attending services. Women may prefer to work with a
female drugs worker. She also notes that setting up a
drug project at a venue like a community centre where
child care provision is already established can overcome
some of the fears women have about attending a service
that is labelled as a 'drug project'.


I have spoken to the press on many occasion,much of the time my words were mis-used and even added to, I therefore have only selected a few media articles that I am willing to share that I took part in.

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'Run Around'

My first ever client warrents her own page,
Much of the knowledge I have gained has been
via her and in much of my writings and speeches
I have utilized her experiences as an example of
women users plights. She is extremely intelligent
and whilst in prison during the 90's she produced
a comic to help others understand the life of
many users.
I named her long ago 'Run around' to give her
anonimity;although she proudly tells many this is
her I speak of.

To view her Comic click on the image. 

To view her page.
Click above on the sub-header 'Run around'.

Chinese herbs Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan

These are the Chinese herbs I recommend for withdrawal from Crack/Cocaine or any drug. 
Click on the image and it will link you to a web address to purchase them. I do not know the providers, I just randomly chose the link to start you off and the price seems reasonable.

Crack alters are created also in 'Mind Control' slaves 

I have since written an article on how crack alters are created in 'Mind Control' slaves.

click on the image to access the article.
'Fire on Babylon: Crack-alters are activated in un-ruley slaves'.