Scottish Advisory Committee on Drug Misuse

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Scottish Advisory Committee On Drug Misuse:
Psychostimulant Working Group Report

Case study of a service for women stimulant users

7.14 Louise Clarke of Higher Insight has worked with
women crack users in the East of London over the
past 10 years. In developing services for women she
argues that service providers must take into account
women's need for anonymity and confidentiality and
their need for childcare support, particularly when
attending services. Women may prefer to work with a
female drugs worker. She also notes that setting up a
drug project at a venue like a community centre where
child care provision is already established can overcome
some of the fears women have about attending a service
that is labelled as a 'drug project'.

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I have spoken to the press on many occasion,much of the time my words were mis-used and even added to, I therefore have only selected a few media articles that I am willing to share that I took part in.

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