Books and Info on Crack/Cocaine

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This book is the result of working 20 years intensely with Crack/Cocaine users. I pioneered the first service for Women Crack/Cocaine users in Britain, therefore gained most of my knowledge from my experience of working with my clients. I started in the voluntary sector then set up my own independent service ‘Higher Insight’ self funded via providing training to other professionals who work with Crack/Cocaine users. I identified 7 types of users and that the recovery process takes 2 years and goes through 5 stages. I have written this book primarily for the users themselves, but also believe it will aid friends, family and Professionals concerned with helping Crack/Cocaine users. Louise Clarke Bsc (Hons)

Presenting 'stop using crack /cocaine and reclaim your life, short video

I wrote the book 'Stop using crack/cocaine and reclaim your life' to 
* Provide users with a simple to understand self help book.
* written in common every day language
* Making academic aspects simple- putting it into comprehensible language.
* Presented in small short paragraphs 
* Even with only a small amount of concentration to read. Can pick and choose sections to read.
* Cheap as in paperback or kindle

The book is now available on kindle

I have now made the book available on kindle
Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life'.

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The book is also in video form to be viewed

Stop using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life
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'Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life',
Stage 1 of the recovery process revised

Stop using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life;
Part 2 Crack/Cocaine and the brain

Part 3
The medical effects from using Crack/Cocaine


Cocaine is much the same

stop using Cocaine and reclaim your life

The 5 stages of recovery from Cocaine and Crack addiction

Books for professional working directly with Crack users

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Women and Crack : Responding to need: Positive steps to help break women's cycles of addiction to crack-cocaine

Women and Crack : Responding to need
       ( for service/treatment providers)

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Men and Crack

Positive steps to help break cycles of addiction to Crack- Cocaine

Men and Crack: Uncovered
(a book for service and treatment providers)

Information cards for Women users and partners of users

 I ran a group of made up of   
 Women (ex)users and  partners
to provide information.

It took  3 years  to create              a set of cards.

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This current site is made up of 9 sites
               differentiated by the use of numbers.

  higherinsight covers : Crack Cocaine and other drugs

higherinsight1 covers : Who I am

higherinsight2 covers : The Paedophile aspects of my journey

higherinsight3 covers : The Mind Control aspects of my                                                                                                       journey
higherinsight4 covers : The Gang stalking and Surveillance                                                                        aspects of my journey
covers: De-programming 

                                                                                                       higherinsight6 covers : The matrix and beyond

                                                                                                       higherinsight7 covers ; Poetry and art written on my journey

                                                                                                       higherinsight8 covers : Publications

                                                I have re-opened a new Website that covers

                                           Gang stalking/T.I.s
                                      Government Mind Control ,

                                            plus I have recently been working on a page expanding more on
                                                                                                                  The Matrix and Beyond,,,
                                            and simultaneously 

                                                              building a page on
                                                                                                              Gay, Trans and the Mind Control agenda
                                                   click the image to reach,,,,,,,,,,