This current site is made up of
                          9 sites
                                                          differentiated by the use of numbers.

higherinsight covers : Crack Cocaine and other drugs

higherinsight1 covers : Who I am

higherinsight2 covers : The Paedophile aspects of my journey

higherinsight3 covers : The Mind Control aspects of my                                                                                                       journey
higherinsight4 covers : The Gang stalking and Surveillance                                                                           aspects of my journey

covers:   De-programming 

covers : The matrix and beyond

 higherinsight7 covers ; Poetry and art written on my journey

higherinsight8 covers :  Publications

 I have re-opened a new Website that covers

                  Gang stalking/T.I.s
                          Government Mind Control ,

                                            plus I have recently been working on a page expanding more on

               The Matrix and Beyond,,,
                                and simultaneously 
                                             building a page on

Gay, Trans and the Mind Control agenda

            click on the image to reach,,,,,,,,,,


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This Site covers the vast array of areas
I experienced on my journey to where I am today.

I have divided the multiple aspect into 9 sections

This section being Crack cocaine
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